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    Who Do We Help

    Developmental Conditions

    Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
    Attention Deficit Disorder
    Developmental Coordination Disorder
    Sensory Processing Disorder
    Struggling Learners
    Developmental Delays
    Genetic Disorders

    Neurological Conditions

    Visual Field Loss
    Post Concussion Vision Syndrome
    Abnormal Egocentric localization
    Gait disorders (i.e. Difficulty walking straight)
    Left Neglect
    Acquired Brain injury
    Parkinson's Disease
    Cerebral Palsy
    Other neurological conditions

    Visual Diagnoses

    Convergence Insufficiency
    Binocular Vision Dysfunction
    Double Vision
    Strabismus (Squint)
    Near Vision Dysfunction
    Amblyopia (Lazy Eyes)
    Computer Vision Syndrome
    Visual Migraines
    Visual Stress (Light Sensitivity)
    Visual Processing Disorder
    Myopia Progression

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    Upcoming Events

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    Children Eye screening (age 3 onwards)
    Research estimates that 30% of the world is currently myopic and based on trends, almost 50% will be myopic in 2050. Our …


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    What’s going on?

    Celebrating Recognition as a Top Vision Therapy Center in Singapore
    We are thrilled and honored to announce to have been named one of the Top Eye Centers in Singapore for Vision Therapy by Smartlocal, a leading local review and recommendation …
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    12 Aug 2023

    Poor convergence leads to covered eye
    Convergence Insufficiency (CI)
    Does your child avoid reading or doing their homework? Do they have a short attention span when doing those activities? If your answer is yes to both questions, your child …
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    12 Aug 2023

    Myopia Progression in children
    Have you ever wondered how often do children need to get their eyes checked? Although school-going children have annual eye checks in school since preschool, it is actually advisable for …
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    22 Feb 2022

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