Children Eye screening (age 3 onwards)
Research estimates that 30% of the world is currently myopic and based on trends, almost 50% will be myopic in 2050. Our …


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Celebrating Recognition as a Top Vision Therapy Center in Singapore
We are thrilled and honored to announce to have been named one of the Top Eye Centers in Singapore for Vision Therapy by Smartlocal, a leading local review and recommendation …
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12 Aug 2023

Poor convergence leads to covered eye
Convergence Insufficiency (CI)
Does your child avoid reading or doing their homework? Do they have a short attention span when doing those activities? If your answer is yes to both questions, your child …
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12 Aug 2023

你有没有想过孩子需要多久检查一次眼睛?虽然学龄儿童从学龄前开始每年都会在学校进行眼科检查,但实际上建议近视儿童每 6 个月进行一次定期检查,以监测近视的进展情况。   近视是一种常见的疾病,称为近视或近视,眼球比正常眼睛长。这是一种当光线聚焦在视网膜前时,人在远处会出现视力模糊的情况。儿童近视的发展速度很快,并且只会在成年后才开始稳定下来。孩子越早患近视,成年后患高度近视的可能性就越大。   近视最常见的抱怨是当孩子抱怨远视力差,他们在课堂上看不到白板。其他症状可能包括但不限于以下: 疲倦或疲劳 眯眼 揉眼睛 头部姿势异常   在 Vision and Perception Practice,我们通过各种方法提供近视控制干预。只有在经过适当和彻底的评估后,才能提供最佳选择的建议。     开专门的眼镜片可以帮助矫正和控制近视的进展。根据他们的研究,与单光镜片佩戴 12 小时相比,依视路 Stellest 镜片可以帮助减缓近视的进展平均 67%。     近视隐形眼镜也是可以考虑的选择。适合不喜欢戴眼镜或经常运动的儿童群体。与眼镜相比,隐形眼镜在美容方面也更具吸引力。 Coopervision MiSight …
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22 Feb 2022

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