Myopia Management

Most research suggest that 30% of the world is currently myopic and based on trends, almost 50% of the world will be myopic in 2050.

A child is unlikely to have myopia as a newborn as babies are born with hyperopia (longsightedness) of +0.50D and above. As our eyes grow longer during development, the amount of hyperopia becomes lower gradually before crossing over into myopia of about -0.50D.


The current incidence of myopia in Singapore:

5 Year olds : 7%

8 Year olds : 20%

10 Year olds : 40%

12 Years olds : 60%

18 Year olds : 80%


Some risk factors include

Parent(s) with Myopia – one short-sighted parent has three times the risk of developing myopia whereas if both parents are short-sighted it possess a six times risk

Ethnicity – Asians have a faster progression

Prolong use of near electronic gadgets such as iPads

Insufficient outdoor play in sunlight


At Vision and Perception Practice, we provide myopia control intervention through the prescription of specialized spectacle lens, myopia control contact lens and Vision Therapy. A recommendation can only be provided after a proper and thorough assessment.



28 Sep 2021




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