Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehab

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is a treatment regimen that is individualised for the patients who have visual deficits as a result of physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and other neurological etiologies.


These visual deficits can include but are not limited to acquired strabismus, binocular vision dysfunction such as eye teaming deficits, double vision, accommodation dysfunction such as eye teaming deficits, oculomotor dysfunction such as eye tracking deficits, vergence dysfunction, cognitive deficits.


Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is required by patients of all ages who have experienced neurological insults as the visual problems may interfere with their daily performance causing them to have a learning disability or disorders scuh as attention deficit.


Visual problems are often overlooked during the initial treatment of brain injury. Regular eye examination also often do not reveal the extent of how much the visual process has been affected.


28 Sep 2021




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