Struggling Learners

Beyond having a learning disability, a child who has never struggled in school before but suddenly is might be having a functional vision problem. Functional vision involves skills that are learned and developed by the child to gather and process visual information. These are necessary to perform tasks such as copying from the whiteboard, reading lines and staying focused. If problems arise and the child’s eyes are not focusing properly, a domino effect can occur whereby the attention, reading abilities, focus, grades and behaviour will also be affected.

Having perfect vision and sight will not be enough to be able to read as it is more helpful and important to diagnose the skills that are needed for reading. The three main visual skill areas that make up the functional vision are eye teaming (the eyes should work together to align and point at the same place on the viewing object), eye focusing (to allow the child to see objects clearly at different distances) and eye movement (to be able to control how and where the eye moves). Treating these often has a direct, positive impact in reducing problematic behavioural and learning problems.

​At Vision and Perception Practice, we provide the latest equipments and skills to assess a child’s eye tracking matched with norms, visual perceptual skills, visual information processing skills, and more to fully understand their learning abilities.